About the Training

Click here to learn about new research that finds Mouth Care Without a Battle training can significantly reduce cases of pneumonia in nursing homes.


Mouth Care Without a Battle© is an evidence-based approach to person-centered daily mouth care for persons with cognitive and physical impairment.  Developed by the research group that brought you Bathing without a Battle©, Mouth Care Without a Battle combines best practices in oral hygiene with proven techniques to overcome resistance to care among persons with dementia and related conditions. It improves oral hygiene and may reduce pneumonia. 


Mouth Care Without a Battle© is available in two formats: DVD and online.


Three DVD options include an In-service/Self-study 1-hour version for nursing assistants and nurses, available in English and Spanish, and a Train-the-Trainer version that includes more in-depth material, especially related to nursing and program implementation.


The online In-service/Self-study version includes the information from the 1-hour English In-service/Self-study DVD, along with optional additional topics including assessment, care planning, and supervision.

About Mouth Care

Poor mouth care causes as many as half the cases of pneumonia in nursing home residents and other people with physical and cognitive impairment. Bacteria that cause pneumonia live in dental plaque, from which they’re released into the saliva and then aspirated into the l... Read More +

Best Practices

Interdental Brushes – a Safer Alternative to Flossing Removing food and plaque from in between the teeth is a crucial part of mouth care.  The areas between teeth are often where cavities and gum disease start, because that’s where food gets stuck and bacteri... Read More +

Expert Training

Training in the techniques of Mouth Care Without a Battle© is meant for nursing homes, assisted living communities, home health agencies, family members, and health professionals who care for people with cognitive and physical impairment.  The educational DVD Mouth C... Read More +

Products and Supplies

Many product choices are available for providing mouth care, and deciding which to use can be confusing.  To help, we provided information here about the products that we used in developing Mouth Care Without a Battle. 

Information and Links to Mouth Care Products and Supplies