Many product choices are available for providing mouth care, and deciding which to use can be confusing. To help, we provided information here about the products that we used in developing Mouth Care Without a Battle. Most important is to be sure that your selected product meets the individualized needs of the person receiving care. This product selection guide provides guidance about individualizing product selection.  If there is any doubt, consult a dental or medical professional.

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Disposables (For single use only):
CaviWipes Towelettes (Brand=Metrex)
  • Clean and disinfect 
  • Durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive towelettes
  • Ideal for nonporous surfaces in health care settings
Non-woven sponges, 3x3, 4-ply (Brands=Criterion, Crosstex, Dynarex)
  • Soft, smooth, strong, non-linting & non-sterile
  • Provide maximum absorbency & little adhesion to wounds
Mini Tray Covers, 5x8 (Brands=Henry Schein, Crosstex)
  • Minimizes liquid seep-through
Cotton-tip applicator, 6” (Brands=Dynarex, Medline, Dukal)
  • soft and highly absorbent
1 Ounce Plastic Medicine Cups (Brands=Dynarex, Medline, MDX)
  • Translucent & durable
  • For dry & liquid measurements
5 Ounce Cups (Brands=Crosstex, Smartpractice)
  • Rolled lip for easy separation 
  • Strong, easy to dispense
Powder Free, Latex Free Gloves (Brands=SureCaore, Dynarex, Crosstex)
  • Increased  tensile strength
  • Increased puncture resistance 
  • Chemo-certified
Prescription Toothpaste:
* Colgate Prevident 5000 ppm, 1.1% dry mouth fluoride paste
  • Fast fluoride dispersion
  • Therapeutic decay prevention
  • Less irritating/less likely to cause dryness
*Clinpro™ 5000 1.1% Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste
  • Prevents caries
  • Calcium phosphate allows for better fluoride absorption
Non-prescription Toothpaste:
GC MI Paste Plus (Brand= GC America); A fluoride toothpaste
  • Restores minerals helps produce saliva
  • Conditions, protects, & rebuilds tooth surfaces
  • Protects teeth from caries development
Biotene PBF Dry Mouth
  • helps loosen plaque
  • helps against dry mouth
Sensodyne Pronamel
  • Protects against decay and acid erosion
  • Suitable as leave-on fluoride paste
Toothbrushes (Recommended to replace these every 3 months):
Aquafresh Gel Flex Toothbrush, Soft
  • 3x better cleaning contact
  • gentle, flexible
  • better pressure control
Arm and Hammer Complete Care
  • Strengthens enamel
  • Fluoride
Colgate 360 Actiflex Toothbrush, Soft
  • Tapered bristles polishing cups help remove more plaque and stains than an ordinary toothbrush
GUM Technique Sensitive Care Toothbrush, Soft
  • Ultra soft bristles gentle on teeth & gums
  • Effectively remove plaque
Henry Schein-Acclean Action Plus Toothbrush, Soft
GUM End Tuft Toothbrush, Soft
  • Perfect for cleaning difficult- to-reach areas
Denture Brush (Brands=GUM, Acclean, Lactona, SmartPractice)
  • Bristles clean surfaces and hard-to-reach areas
GUM Go Betweens Angle Cleaners
  • Designed to easily & effectively remove plaque & food particles
GUM Go Betweens Cleaners
  • Removes plaque between teeth as effectively as string floss
Interdental and Tongue Cleaners:
GUM Go Betweens ULTRA Interdental Cleaners
  • Easy access to front & back of teeth
  • Removes plaque & food
DenTek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner
  • Removes germs from hard to reach places 
  • Reduces bad breath
GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner
  • Helps remove plaque, bacteria, & food particles
Oral Rinses:
*Paroex Chlorhexidine Gluconate USP, 0.12%, non-alcohol rinse
  • Oral rinse treatment between dental visits
  • Treatment for gingivitis
Biotene Mouthwash (Dry Mouth Oral Rinse)
  • Soothing, helps relieve chronic dry mouth symptoms
  • Protects against odors
Biotene PBF Oral Rinse for Oral Dryness
  • helps loosen plaque
  • helps against dry mouth
PerioShield (Sunstar GUM) Oral Health Rinse
  • Helps break down plaque
  • Prevent and treat gingivitis 
Crest Pro-Health
  • reduces plaque
  • helps prevent against gingivitis
Listerine Total Care Zero
  • alcohol-free
  • protects against cavities
ACT Dry Mouth
  • strengthens enamel
  • fluoride
Toothbrush and Denture Cases:
Acclean toothbrush cover
  • Protects toothbrush in-between use & during travel
GUM Protect toothbrush covers
  • Antibacterial protection 
  • Ventilated cap keeps bristles dry
Denture bath cases (Brand=Smilemakers)
  • Spill-proof, protection against breakage
Other Possible Additions:
Chainless Dental Bibs (Brands= Tidi, Crosstex)
  • For single use only
Paper Towels (Brands=Bounty,Scott, etc)
  • Strong, absorbent, and durable
Purell Hand Sanitizer
  • Kills 99.9 % of the most common germs
Germ X Hand Sanitizer
  • Kills 99.9% of the most common germs
  • Keeps hands soft, smooth, and clean
Dental Mouth Mirror
  • Disposable and Nondisposable
Plastic Bags (Brands=Ziploc, Brawny)
  • Sealable bags
Hand Towels
  • Quickly and effectively absorb messes and leave surfaces clean & dry
Standard Professional Towels (Brand=Henry Schein)
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Latex-free
Crosstex Advantage Patient Towels
  • 2-Ply towels
  • Maximize both strength & absorption 
  • Disposable
Glass Top Cart (Brand= Innov-ex)
  • Glass top
  • Two utility storage draws 
  • Large file drawer
Rolling Stool
  • 360 Degrees Pivoting Seat
  • Cushioned seat